Tea Party Simulator 2014 – DEMO


If you enjoy playing fun Simulator games, Tea Party Simulator 2014 is for you.

Tea Party Simulator 2014 is developed by Power Up to Maximum who also made Unearthing Colossal. It’s a simulator game with controls similar to Surgeon Simulator and quite reminiscent of AmpuTea, only with a slightly better perspective (like in Surgeon Simulator) so you can’t really make any mistakes in making and pouring your cup of tea.


The game has the same controls as Surgeon Simulator, where you awkwardly control your hand and arm with AWER, Space, and Mouse; and yes you can rotate your hand whilst holding down the right mouse button. The only main difference between Surgeon Simulator and Tea Party Simulator is that you’re no longer cutting up patients and killing them in the process; instead, you’re serving tea and cake to your beloved teddy bear. The game also has some Easter Eggs, so be sure to find them all while you’re serving tea to Mr. Teddy! Just don’t mess up too much, he doesn’t have that much patience for buffoonery.

Conclusion: Tea Party Simulator shows much promise than the rest of the simulator games out there. The humor is quite present and hidden Easter Eggs just makes it more fun to play. Perspective is a slight issue though, but that wouldn’t take away the fun.

Click here to download the game!

Click here to play the game directly on your browser! (You will need the Unity Player to run this)

Vote it on Steam Greenlight!


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