Critically Honest Review: Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is area restricted, so do not download any client you see out there in the internet. Currently, it is available in Korea(KDN), China(CDN), Japan(JDN),  North America(NA), and South East Asia(SEA). Download links are provided below:



Japan (jDN)

North America(NA)

South East Asia(SEA)

About Dragon Nest: Dragon Nest is a free Fantasy-MMORPG, third-person action packed adventure game developed by EyeDentity which was first released in Korea in March 2010. By future months, it was released in multiple countries all over the world. It is currently an F2P game(Free to Play).

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, MMORPG

DN 2014-10-25 06-16-44 Sat

Login-menu (This changes depending on what type of new content was added into the game)

This game is available to play on the PC.

Review: Dragon Nest takes place in a world called Alteria (Lagendia in SEA version, and Verathea in NA version. In my case, I’m playing the SEA version). The Goddess of this world is Althea, who was poisoned by her evil sister Vestinel. The only way for her to get cured is to use the antidote using the source of the poison itself, which is Vestinel’s magic grail, which disappeared somewhere in Lagendia. The goal of the players, as heroes of Lagendia, is to venture throughout the land, fighting evil dragons, in order to find power stones that can enable them to communicate with the poisoned sleeping Goddess in order to find the grail, wake her up, and save the world.

Dragon Nest is a fun and exciting third-person fantasy action MMORPG, which lets you pick 1 out of 7 characters, each belonging to a different class, and each having 2 different Specializations (or jobs), which also have 2 different branches for the final specialization (2nd) job. These characters have different Main Quests, and they all connect to the main story of the game.

Character Selection screen

Character Selection screen (from left to right: Assassin, Kali, Sorceress, Warrior, Archer, Cleric, and Academic/Tinkerer)

In the character selection; each class has a different “difficulty”, which recommends what kind of players should be playing the class. In this case, the Cleric class is recommended for Expert players (I wouldn’t recommend this class for beginners, too), the Assassin(NEW) and Sorceress is recommended for Intermediate players, and finally, the Warrior, Archer,  Kali, and Tinkerer are recommended for Beginner players. You can only create a maximum of 16 characters, and create 7 characters per day. (You can buy more slots to create more characters)

The Cleric

The Cleric (This is a warning for those who want to get into this class.)

Like most MMORPG’s, after you have selected your class, you get to customize your character and name him/her at the character screen. The moment you get into the game itself, you start off with a unique opening sequence wherein you get to fight for the first time. After this whole sequence has ended, you’ll be transported back to town, and you get to either follow the Main Quest or not. It’s also optional to head on to the full tutorial the moment you speak to the first NPC you see with a gold/yellow quest mark on their heads.

Mini-Tutorial when you start playing the new character you selected

Mini-Tutorial when you start playing the new character you selected

As you progress through the story (or not), you get better gear along the way through stages called dungeons/nests. As easy as it sounds, gearing your character with dropped items from different dungeons isn’t the only thing to think about; there are also accessories, titles, heraldries, dragon jades, potentials (old items that can still be used, and are still being sold from one of the NPC’s), enhancement of weapon/armor, and talismans to gear up your character. When you enhance your gear, I recommend getting your Magic/Rare/Epic equipment to just +6, and Legend equipment to just +3, it’s safer that way. Your character can be further customized with cash costumes bought from the Cash shop, bought by using real cash, and increase your character’s stats depending on what type of job your character has. These Cash Costumes also have stats on their own. PvP’ing can give you medals to buy equipment for your gears, and there are also other quests that could give you tokens (e.g. Goddess’ Breath, Goddess’ Lament, etc.) that you can exchange for crafting materials and such. Completing Nests can also give you loots to craft your Epic/Legendary gear.

I know that sounds too much already, but the complexity of Dragon Nest is what makes it even more fun.

Gear Enhancement

Gear Enhancement

Another thing to take note about Dragon Nest is that you can’t simply pick up skills like pieces of candy. You have to plan everything ahead on what type of character you’d want to be. This isn’t so hard, as long as you know what you’re doing. I recommend going to this site to build up your skill build. Just remember to know what skills you need for your class!

DN 2014-10-13 23-17-22 Mon

Despite all the gearing and leveling up of your character, these things wouldn’t distract the player from story in Dragon Nest. Each character in Dragon Nest has their own unique main quest, which connects to the other characters in the game as you progress through the story. Doing Main Quests can help you level up fast. Side quests are also available to help you out by getting more EXP. I would recommend you to party up with other players if you would like to have a breeze in reaching the level capacity.

Farming in Dragon Nest

Farming in Dragon Nest

Earning Gold in Dragon Nest is moderately easy, there are several ways to earn it: from taking the main quest, to side quests, and from farming crops in the farm, to monster-farming in dungeons while taking bulletin board quests. Partying up with other players, or guild members, should help in earning gold, too.


  • Sounds: The sound effects and music are both well done.
  • Graphics: Despite being a free game, the graphics in Dragon Nest are of high quality!
  • Gameplay: It’s relatively easy to control your character in Dragon Nest, but may require some time to master them.
  • Story: There are a lot of unexpected twists, depending on the character you’re playing as.
  • Voice Acting: Voices don’t sound so bad, especially with the original Korean voice acting.
  • Availability: It’s free.
  • Monthly/Holiday Events: It’s regularly updated.


  • Story: Since the Dragon Nest came from Korea, there are times when all you see are rectangles, and some of the translations in the game are a bit off.
  • Graphics: You need a high spec PC if you want to play everything in high quality. But it’s not a necessity.
  • Gameplay: Dragon Nest is a VERY complicated game when you play it for the first time. The dungeons can also get tiring and repetitive as you have to go through them over and over again due to certain quests.
  • Availability: Even though it’s free, you need really good internet for this.
  • Voice Acting: English voice acting (SEA and NA) doesn’t sound that good. (It can be amusing, though)
  • Monthly/Holiday Events: Limited content. Some EVENT Cash Items don’t last forever. (Unless bought from the cash shop)

Overall: Dragon Nest is a fun and exciting game for ages 13 and up. Battling monsters in dungeons and nests is fun to do, and the different PvP modes in the game are enjoyable. If you’re the type of player who likes to level grind and farm, this game provides that. Being a casual gamer myself, I enjoy following the stories and side quests in the game. The events Dragon Nest gives, depending on the holiday/seasons, are highly entertaining, and it could actually motivate you to participate the events if the prizes are that good.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

If you want me to play and review a game, please let me know in the comments below! Thank you!


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