Critical Game Review: It Moves

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About It MovesIt Moves is an Indie RPG Horror game released in April 3, 2014, created by SnowOwl. The story is based on the creepypasta Bedtime, written by Michael Whitehouse.

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Puzzle

Main Menu

This game is only available to play on the PC. I highly recommend that you wear a pair of headphones, max the volume, and be in the dark when you play this game for total immersion.

REVIEW: It moves puts you in the memories of a young boy as he explains on why he fears bedtime so much; which started when his brother decided to sleep in a different bedroom on his own. After the change in their usual bedtime routine, the young boy sleeps on the top bunk because “It’s more adventurous that way.” This wouldn’t have been until you find yourself being terrorized by something on the bottom bunk.

In Game Screenshot 1

This is you

You’re introduced to a new nightmare each night, all more horrifying than before. And on each night, there’s a new chapter; and there are a total of 7 short chapters in the game in which you need to finish. As for the save system of the game, you get to save at every end of chapter, and guess what, multiple save files!

In Game Screenshot 2

From time to time, there are puzzles in the game which needs to be solved. The puzzles are relatively few and easy, though some can be time consuming. It can take some time to get by Chapter 2 and 3 due to going back and forth in areas you’ve already been in.



Total Gameplay Time: 30-40 minutes; 15 minutes if you’re a casual fast-reader (or if you finished it).


  • Sound: Loud, creepy, and disturbing during the nightmare sequences. It Moves also has a great choice of music to improve the game’s atmosphere.
  • Art: Full of imaginative and creepy-wonderful backgrounds for you to explore in.
  • StoryBedtime being turned into a game wasn’t such a bad idea after all. The short story was able to coincide with some of the dialogue in-game.
  • Scare Factor: The game doesn’t rely much on cheap jumpscares, and the creator definitely set the immersion going.


  • There was a bug at one chapter wherein I can’t proceed until I’ve gotten back and forth from one room and back to the room where I needed to proceed in.
  • Since I’ve played the demo before this game was released, I’m quite disappointed on why they changed one of the scares in Chapter 3. The original scare was creepier.

Overall: This was an amazingly well-done indie-horror game. It had me at the edge of my seat throughout the game, and the art of the game was both breathtaking, and horrifyingly disturbing. Finally, the ambiance of the game really made me anxious both in game and real life.

Final Rating9.3/10

(A let’s-play on It Moves[DEMO] done by Markiplier)

If you want me to play and review a game, please let me know in the comments below! Thank you.


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