Why I Am Doing This

As a fellow veteran gamer in the gaming community, I’ve decided to bring critical reviews into the world in which I was created and born in. I’ve played and seen the flawless, the not-so-flawless, and the mediocre; and since not every gamer is knowledgeable of what they’re playing, they may not enjoy the game fully because of the lack of honesty provided by the ones who advertised the game. In other words: If the game sucks, whatever happens after playing that is just an angry gamer, and angry gamers can be quite critical too. Have no fear when you read my reviews, it shall all be given to you with class, and straight-forward criticism. I write for the enjoyment of the gamer/reader, and I also write for the gamers who may think that the game they’re about to buy is worth it, even when if it’s actually not.

Don't get me started about Infestation: Survivor Stories. (Used to be War Z)

Formerly known as “War Z”, don’t get me started on this yet.

Just remember; as you read my reviews, it still depends on you on whether or not you’ll play the game, so long as you have heeded my warnings, brothers.


About CriticalGamer

A fellow veteran gamer, making reviews on different games good, or bad.

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