First Impressions: Lucid9

Click here to play the demo! (opens to a new window)

About Lucid9: Lucid9 is an independent, click-to-proceed Visual Novel created by the indie group called Fallen Snow Studios. This is the product of an international team of amateur game developers, and the game will come out free under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License.

Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Slice-of-Life, and heroine routes heavily focusing on Mystery, Drama and Romance.

Lucid 9

Promotional Art

That said and done, this is playable on both PC and Mac; and as stated through their blog, may be released on the Android.

Menu Screen

Menu Screen

REVIEW: In the Lucid9 demo, you’ll be greeted by an on-going gruesome murder of an unknown victim, and you’re in the mind of a crazed murderer. While the descriptions in the scene were graphic, the sound effects were excellently executed.


A Ferrari F500 under one arm, and a Lamborghini Avendator 700-4 under the other. Brilliant.

After a few minutes, the story then focuses on Yama, a sarcastic and witty adolescent boy who’s breezing through his third year of high school with his friends: Yahiko, who’s an airhead, Elizabeth, who seems to be the lovable-princess-high-achiever type, Rui, a childhood friend of Yama, and Masato, the jock who runs on tracks and forces Yama to undergo several contests. The dialogue is witty and fun, especially right after the intro scene. As the story goes on in this short demo, heartstrings can be unexpectedly pulled from time to time, providing good and readable entertainment.


  • Sound: Excellent execution of sound effects, and great choices of music
  • Art: The visuals aren’t distracting; it won’t divert the reader from the story.
  • Story: The story itself is captivating, and the character development seems to be in good shape.
  • Enjoyment Factor: Humor and sarcasm is also well done.


  • During the VN Demo, it appears that some sections of the VN were supposed to have sound effects.
  • There are parts where there should have been some bits added into the background (like police or several people in an area, especially when Yama’s POV focuses in to it).

Overall: The VN demo was good. Since this is still in development, the issues stated here will hopefully be fixed in the final release. Keep a look out for the full version!

If you want me to play and review a game, please let me know in the comments below! Thank you.


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